Jaime Winston




Destroying the invaders in your life


I went to Point Reyes, California, with 12 other people to kill the plants that were conquering the endangered snowy plovers’ nesting area.

The trip was through Alternative Spring Break at the University of Utah. The plovers, birds that eat the creatures washed onto the beach by sea foam, now have space to build homes.

The beach grass that was invading the birds’ territory is non-native and insidious. The small bird never saw it coming. I think this situation can also apply to human lives. We are often blindsided by the invaders taking our territory.

After spending a week in the national park without a television or computer, I found out those items are encroaching on me, almost like the beach grass.      

How many times do you get sucked into myspace.com and avoid loved ones? How often do you channel surf and give up after three hours due to a lack of interesting programs? Frequently? These invaders must be stopped before they take control of our lives and someone needs to save us as well.

Of course these invaders can be useful, but when you use them out of boredom and become more bored because of them, it’s probably time to pick that weed and throw it away.

Invasive people need to be eliminated as well. Please do not take this literally. Mentally pick out the weedy people, those who have no other goal in life than discouraging you. When you deal with these people keep in mind that you have the power to dispose of their harsh criticisms anytime you want.

When we remove distractions from our lives and the harsh thoughts that plague our minds, we can focus on what is really important to us.

Other Invasive Species:

  • Not giving yourself a treat every once in a while
  • Worrying about the inevitable 
  • Obstacles that too often keep you from loved ones
  • A lousy self-image
  • Not achieving your goals
  • Never being productive

Make your own list of items that need to be weeded from your life and don’t let them overtake your habitat. The snowy plover may not have had the strength to pull the beach grass, but we do.



News writing has been one of my passions for a while now and I’m excited to do it for this class. I have previously written for West Valley News, Magna Times, Chabad Times and The Daily Utah Chronicle.

I want to have a career in journalism upon graduation. I am in my third year at the University of Utah and majoring in mass communication with minors in Hebrew and art history.

I’m highly involved with my faith and I am currently president of Utah Student Hillel, a Jewish student group on campus. Currently, I reside in the O.C. Tanner Humanities House and act as house president.

I love art and music. I also enjoy reading, comedy and sneaking into places to get a free lunch.