American Indians

Students covered American Indians in Utah, as well as topics such as tribal colleges, during fall semester 2008. Their wide-ranging stories included profiles of Cal Nez, a graphic designer in Salt Lake City, and Nola Lodge, director of American Indian Teacher Education at the University of Utah; articles about food and health; and an in-depth story about the controversy surrounding construction of a coal-burning power plant in New Mexico.

Student-journalists were: Jessica Dunn, Brandon Fausett, Lana Groves, Allison Johnson, Kathryn Jones, Chris Mumford, Anne Roper, Aaron K. Schwendiman, Cade Sorensen, Brynn Tolman, Rita Totten, and Jamie A. Welch.

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Multimedia storytelling (best viewed in full-screen mode, and use the slideshow controls, rather than the green buttons that appear on the screen):

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