Hispanic, Latino(a), Latinx

Students initially covered this beat during Spring semester 2008. Since then, Utah’s population has continued to grow and change. More than one in five Utahns is now a minority, according to the 2010 Census, and the population has grown by 24 percent — almost 130,000 people. Salt Lake County is nearly 29 percent minority and “communities on the west side of Salt Lake City are minority-majority,” said Pam Perlich, director of demographic research at the University of Utah’s Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute.

Student-journalists revisited this beat in Spring 2019 in the midst of polarized discussions about immigration, migration, asylum, and funding for a border wall. Reporters were: Shaun Ajay; Tyson Aldridge; Jasmine Barlow; Iasia Beh; Britt Brooks; Megan Christine; Sayaka Kochi; Kristen Law; Zane Law; Kotryna Liepinyte; Kara D. Rhodes; Katherine Rogers; Sarah Saidykhan; Lina Song; Kilee Thomas; Justin Trombetti; Emma Williams; Kaeli Wiltbank; Brianna Winn. Their stories included: to come.


The Spring 2008 stories included profiles of Patricia Quijano Dark, executive director of the Utah Hispanic Chamber of Commerce; a story about Su Banco, a language program at the University of Utah; an article about DIA, the Dual Immersion Academy in Sandy, Utah; and profiles of Mundo Hispano publisher Sandra Plazas.

Student-journalists included: Erik Daenitz, Jeff Dunn, Teresa Getten, David Servatius, Phi Tran and Jaime Winston.

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