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Going into journalism, I pictured myself working in a news room reporting news for a major news network like CNN or even hosting on Good Morning America. However, that’s not where my life has taken me. I’ve found myself publishing stories online instead of on air, and working freelance helping companies boost their social media marketing. Needless to say, I have moved away from journalism.

That being said, I realized that I still love writing. Wherever my career takes me, I want to continue writing, regardless what it is for. As I start my new career at a brand new company, I’m excited to move forward and implement my writing skills in creative ways at my new job. Writing will always be a part of me, and I will always enjoy sharing stories.

During this semester, I have realized that I knew nothing about the Latinex community in Utah. I had heard discussions about West Valley and the situation that it was in, but never about what was actually happening. This beat certainly opened my eyes in that particular community and shed some light as to what is going on.

While poverty was a major issue in West Valley City, I quickly realized that that wasn’t the only issue in the city. The families there were sharing single bedrooms with eight people and kids had to quit pursuing their dreams to help their families instead. What really pulled at my heart strings was the fact that this was happening right next door.

It’s easy to sit in my parent’s home and overlook the Valley. Our worries on a day-to-day basis consist of what dish we’re having for dinner, what we’re watching on TV that night, and what the biggest scandal was in each of our individual lives. Not once did we question where our food was coming from, if we had the money to pay for electricity, or how lucky we were to have jobs in the first place.

The entire beat has been extremely humbling and I am grateful that I had this opportunity to learn more about the community next door.

Working on this beat opened my eyes to the status of West Valley City. It truly shocked me when I realized that these families living in poverty are going unnoticed. There is little to no help in the community from the state, besides volunteer food drives. This frustrated me immensely.

It opened my eyes also to what local news stations were reporting. Here I was sitting in house that barely had food for dinner while the news reported events that seemed so minuscule in comparison.

It made me angry.

Maude Shoot

I want to go forward in my career and account for these things. I want to work hard to make sure there is recognition in areas that need recognition. That there is help for people who need help. And that there are a multitude of resources available free of cost for people who need resources, but cannot afford it.

This beat has truly reshaped my views and my beliefs and has lit a fire for a passion to do something.


Customer Relations Specialist focused on genuine, trustworthy, and helpful experiences. Experienced Floor Lead with a demonstrated history of working in the cosmetics and retail industry. Skilled with social media analytics, customer service, camera operations, directing, producing, and editing. Strong support professional with a Bachelor’s degree focused in Communication and Media Studies from University of Utah.


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