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Voices of Utah reporters, Spring 2018. From left: Professor Kimberley Mangun, Woo Sang “Ken” Kim, Diego Romo, George Kounalis, Shaelyn Barber, Adam Fondren, Sheherezada “Sherri” Hameed, Janice Arcalas, Dayna Bae. Not pictured: Hannah Christensen, Alexandra Ogilvie, Allison Oligschlaeger, Anthony Scoma, Marissa Sittler, Mckenzie Ycmat.

During Spring 2018, the student-journalists covered the Pacific Islander community in the Salt Lake Valley.

The reporters were: Janice Arcalas; Dayna Bae; Shaelyn Barber; Hannah Christensen; Adam Fondren; Sheherezada Hameed; Woo Sang Kim; George W. Kounalis; Alexandra Ogilvie; Allison Oligschlaeger; Diego Romo; Anthony Scoma; Marissa Sittler; Mckenzie Ycmat.

Their stories included: a piece about the haka dance, originally performed by the indigenous Maori people of New Zealand, and its use in sports; a profile of Malialole, a Salt Lake City-based music and dance group that promotes cultural awareness among Pacific Islanders; an overview of MAHINA Task Force, a network of Pacific Islander public health professionals, educators and activists who aim to improve maternal and prenatal health; a profile of Frost City Tattoo and traditional tattooing; and a piece about Moki’s Hawaiian Grill and the cultural fusion of food.

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Students also created a map with locations of some restaurants, cultural organizations, schools, and other resources.

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