People with Disabilities

Journalism students covered people with disabilities during fall semester 2013.

Student-journalists were: Angie Bradshaw; Natalie Christensen; Callen Crenshaw; Wendy Dang; Paul S. Greco; Dylan J. Lierd; and Makayla Stowell.

They reported on a variety of topics, businesses, people and issues in the community, including: a Utah pianist who composes beautiful pieces despite suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome; a company that customizes vans; the Disability Law Center and TURN Community Services; and an actor who engages in her craft even though she is blind.

Find links to their stories and read their blogs and bios by clicking on a name above, or by selecting Blogs & Bios from the drop-down box, at left. Stories also can be located by clicking on a Tag or selecting a topic such as Education from the Categories box.

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