Brianna Winn



When I first learned we would be covering the Hispanic community here in Utah, my mind immediately started racing. I thought of immigration instantly. Why, though? I wanted to explore this question deeper and I definitely did. What I realized throughout the semester, and by writing more stories, was I didn’t want to focus on things like immigration or political issues that we hear about all the time in the news. I started learning about the Hispanic community and talking to people and realized all the good that the Hispanic community brings to Utah. I started researching and noticed all of the nonprofit organizations there are for Latinos. Covering this beat helped open my mind and not think so negatively.

I remember Alex Guzman, president and CEO of the Utah Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, saying to us in his speech, “There is so much good that we bring as the Hispanic community, explore that and study that.” Reflecting on my work this semester, I feel like I learned so much. I learned not only about the Hispanic community in Utah but also about myself. I learned how narrow-minded I was, and stuck in the ways of the world — stuck in politics. It’s so easy to watch the news and see all of the negativity surrounding the Hispanic community and only communicate about that. Really there is so much good their community brings to the states, Utah in particular. I hate to admit all of this but I am so glad that my way of thinking has changed and that I had the opportunity to cover this beat this semester. I would say the most difficult part of this whole experience has been interviewing. It’s intimidating being a student and going out into the real world and having to talk to people. Overall, it made me a stronger communicator and a better reporter and most importantly a better person with more insight.


Brianna Winn is a student journalist with dreams of becoming a sideline reporter at ESPN or CBS. Brianna grew up in Cocoa Beach, Florida, and moved to Salt Lake City by herself at the age of 18 to gain new life experiences. She became interested in broadcast journalism after seeing Tracy Wolfson, a CBS sideline reporter on the television.

While watching Wolfson talk to athletes, it struck a fire in Brianna. Ever since she has had a passion to work in the sports industry. She has been at the University of Utah studying mass communication. She recently obtained an internship through Utah’s athletic department where she helps live-stream collegiate level sports, while also gaining knowledge in the world of editing. She hopes to gain knowledge behind the camera in order to work her way in front of the camera.

Brianna grew up around sports, whether that was playing them or watching them with her uncles. She loves meeting and talking to people and has an outgoing personality. This drew her to communication, and journalism in particular. Brianna will graduate from the University of Utah in the Fall of 2019 with a Bachelor of Science in Communication.

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