Kristen Law



One of the things I have enjoyed the most were the opportunities that allowed me to meet new people in the community and hear their stories. I would have never met them or heard their stories if it weren’t foScreenshot 2019-04-03 14.48.56.pngr this opportunity. I enjoyed learning more about food, arts, and education in the Latino community by speaking with these influential people.

There are a few ways that I feel like I failed at being a good journalist. By the end of the semester, however, I saw these failures as chances to grow and learn. I have learned to be open, more assertive, and confident when approaching people in different fields of communication, which is a necessary skill for any professional storyteller.

I love to write and tell stories. However, I have learned that my calling is visual storytelling. I am so thankful for the skills that I have learned in this class that will help me pursue that calling. Gathering information, along with communication and interview skills, will be helpful as I pursue a documentary film career and continue as a full-time photographer and videographer in the Salt Lake area.

Although I do not plan to be a news writer or journalist, I am thankful for the writing opportunities that Voices of Utah has given me. I feel like I have new eyes to see how news writing is a valuable skill and have grown to have a deeper appreciation for this field of writing. I was challenged to be open to different writing skills while keeping my style and voice. Writing for Voices of Utah has taught me how these two things, new methods, and personal style, actually thrive together.

After graduation, I hope to continue working on the craft of writing through a personal blog and by writing for a nonprofit.


Kristen Law is graduating from the University of Utah in May 2019 with a BA in Communication and a minor in Documentary Film Studies. She loves telling stories through different media outlets, and, although she loves to write, her greatest passion is to capture moments and tell stories through videography and photography. In her spare time when she is not writing or taking photos, she is a ballet teacher, a dedicated runner, and an adventurer at heart. She loves traveling, hiking, backpacking, and being outdoors, mostly because she loves photographing beautiful landscapes and places.

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