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News reporting is a blessing and a curse. A journalist is able to venture into the world and uncover details about subjects that interest them. They learn about politics, personal relationships, the economy, and any other hot topic. They then, however, have to take their gathered information and portray it objectively. Objectivity was difficult for me this semester. Within my first story, I wrote about the positive effects of Latinx immigration. While I know in my heart that Latin American individuals contribute to the prosperity of our country, others still believe them to be lazy, job-stealing crooks and criminals. I had to put emotions aside and show facts rather than opinions, as facts show the truth and cannot be denied. 

Everyone wants their voice to be heard, especially if you already have the platform to share it. I was ultimately able to reel back my emotions because I realized the good that would follow. Giving people interesting stories in which they could draw their own conclusions, learn something, and grow as a person was more important than furthering my own agenda. 

Biases and objectivity were even more difficult to deal with as I began to learn more about the beat. The people within the Latinx community made it a challenge to write without an opinion. I wanted so badly to display the kindness, intelligence, drive, and family-oriented hearts of the men and women I talked to. The country has been given a generally negative view of the Latinx community, so getting out and interacting with amazing people from different countries, economic classes, and mindsets was so eye-opening. The experience led me to realize that everyone should have a shot in the United States. No matter how much hate and disparity is spewed and shown on the news, the goodness in foreign groups outweighs the bad. 

During this experience, I learned to never settle into my comfort zone. While I had previous experience with the Latinx community, with my dad living in Colombia and being married to a Colombian native, I was still forced from my norm. Different cultures and individuals unlike yourself are what keep the mind growing and awake. If we stick solely with people who think, look, and act like ourselves, I believe we are more susceptible to racism, biases, and close-mindedness.

In terms of personal development throughout this semester, I made strides as well. I learned that while the reporting process is not something I am entirely passionate about, going out into the community and talking to others is something that I want to do with my career. I might end up being a target marketer trying to figure out his audience, a public relations specialist trying to relate his client company to the people, or even a politician getting to know the needs of constituents. With any outcome, I would love to stick with this idea of community engagement. I want to make connections and make a difference by giving citizens a voice. 


zaneZane Law is an Orange County, California, native. He acquired his passion for writing as he penned fantasy stories throughout his elementary and middle school days. Hoping to strike gold with the next Magic Tree House-esque series, Zane spent recess and lunch honing his craft. Anything from cinema to his midnight dreams inspired him to keep in touch with his creative flow.

While fantasy writing did not fully pan out, Zane stuck with a similar career path. In Spring 2019 he graduated with a B.S. in strategic communication, specializing in public relations and target marketing. Combined with University of Utah knowledge, his creative spark was able to produce a marketing campaign for All Seasons Resort Lodging, plan fundraisers for the ALS Association, pitch ideas to the Downtown SLC Alliance, and now publish multiple stories online. 

Getting inside the mind of consumers, citizens, and readers is something that captivates Zane. Instead of fantasy writing taking him to a world of dragons, warlocks, and dinosaurs, he is able to escape into the life of someone else. Studying spending habits, likes and dislikes, political views, and daily schedules amounts to something of a game for Zane. He is passionate about what he does and will continue his communications journey for many years to come. 

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