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I approached my third story, originally wanting to focus on the Latinx students in the ONErefugee program, with complete confidence that those students would want to talk to me. In my short time as a journalist, I’ve run into few people who aren’t eager to tell a reporter about their life, passion and/or work.

I was told by Selma Mlikota, the career specialist at ONErefugee, that there were Guatemalan students in the program and that she would reach out to them for me. I asked her to be sure to tell them that I could keep them anonymous if they liked and wouldn’t ask them any questions about their time in Guatemala if they didn’t want to talk about it.

When I got the email from Mlikota saying that none of the students were interested in talking to me, I was genuinely caught off guard. This was the first major wall I’ve run into while writing a story.

I didn’t know what to do. It made me feel like I couldn’t write about ONErefugee, which was disappointing. I have wanted to write a story about it for quite some time.

After consulting with my teacher and a few others, I settled on focusing on the volunteers who work with the students at ONErefugee. These people give their time to help these students by tutoring them, giving them career advice and helping them navigate life in America.

Talking to the volunteers was very interesting and helped produce a story I could still be proud of. Meeting with Mike Jenkins especially helped. It was clear to me that he is someone who cares deeply about his work and wants to help anyone he can.

Sometimes there are those who don’t want their stories to be told. Or, at least, they don’t want them to be told in such a public way. That’s a personal decision and shouldn’t be taken away from them.

Realizing that taught me, just because it isn’t the story you set out to tell, doesn’t me it isn’t worth telling.


I’m a senior communications major in the journalism track at the University of Utah graduating in December 2019. I’m currently an intern at CATALYST Magazine. I’ve lived in the Salt Lake Valley my whole life and love it dearly, but I am excited to explore the world and see new places.Bio Pic

I plan on pursuing a career in journalism. I’ve been interested in journalism from a young age. This likely came from growing up listening to NPR and wanting to read anything I can get my hands on. I love stories, especially ones about real people. I want to help tell those stories.

I believe it’s important for people to be informed about the world around them. After all, an informed, educated population is a productive one. I’m eager to get a chance to make sure that people know important information.

Along with loving stories, I also enjoy the process of writing them. I have discovered how much I like doing research for stories. I find interviewing to be an interesting process. It gives you the chance to talk to real people about the real things that affect their lives. The enjoyment that I get from writing helps keep me productive and organized. I always strive to be honest and ethical in my writing.

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