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MY BLOG: Patricia Quijano Dark

After the winter break and not thinking about journalism for a while, I was a bit nervous when Patricia Quijano Dark came to our class for an interview. However, after a few minutes I felt more comfortable and her friendliness and openness certainly helped. It was interesting to hear all of her experiences from working at Marie Claire in England, to editing for Clarín and living in Argentina. After the interview I felt like I wanted to do more than just write the usual profile story. Along with that Utah House Bill 241 was an issue that was in the forefront of my mind, and it specifically related to the Latino community. I interviewed professor Armando Solorzano to hear his experiences and get his ideas and opinions. I also interviewed my friend Carlos Paz. Both offered unique stories about their own lives and in my opinion they shared some very powerful thoughts with me. The greatest difficulty I had was trying to figure out how to combine all the great information I felt I had and turn it into a story that made sense. From my rough draft to my final draft I ended up taking out two pages in my effort to make it more concise.

Sandra Plazas
For my profile story on Sandra Plazas I felt that I wanted to give an overview the challenge she faced in coming to the United States and creating her own newspaper and business. She was especially helpful in answering my follow up questions after the interview in class. The story also brought up the ideas of education in the community, while also discussing the importance of service, things that Plazas emphasizes in her own life.

Su Banco
In class every student was assigned a story to write on out of class. My assignment was to cover the program Su Banco, at the University of Utah’s English Language Institute. I spoke with the program director Rick Van De Graaf and Theresa Martinez, the woman who helped create it. They were both very helpful in providing me information about the program and they shared interesting ideas. I encountered many challenges in my efforts to contact Su Banco students. However, I was eventually able to attend a class and speak with the students in person. They shared their desire to learn the English language with me. The common goals for the students were self-improvement, better education and better job opportunities. From my view the Su Banco program is aiding in all of these goals.

Niños on Skis
Another assignment we had in class was to create or enterprise our own story. We brought in ideas to class and my fellow students gave their opinions on which story might be best. I decided to go with my idea to write about the Niños on Skis program at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Park City, Utah. The program director, Ernest Oriente was very helpful in sharing his ideas, experiences and thoughts about the program. He also arranged for me to ski with the group so I could interview participants. Father Bob Bussen, who had the idea for the program several years ago, spoke with me about its beginnings and about the generous contributors who make the program possible. Skiing with the boys and girls while interviewing and taking photographs was an interesting and fun experience. I interviewed on the chairlifts and during short breaks. Then while the participants skied down runs I took pictures with my camera. The constant snowfall complicated things somewhat while I tried to maintain clean equipment, but it was a challenging, fun and unique experience.



My name is Erik Daenitz and I am a 20-year-old student in mass communication at the University of Utah. In 1995, I moved with my family from La Cañada, Calif., to Park City, Utah. I graduated in 2005 from Park City High School and decided to stay in the state for college in order to enjoy the many outdoor activities that Utah offers. While my active life initially led me to pursue a degree in athletic training, I ended up switching majors.

My interest in journalism actually came about because of another interest of mine in photography. However, I felt that I wanted to have as many skills as possible in order to open up different job opportunities. I chose the news editorial track in mass communication because I felt it would help me improve my writing skills. Besides improving my writing it has also shown me the importance of connecting with people. My journalism classes of the past two semesters have forced me to leave my own box, or my own world. I have learned about things I never knew existed, and I have met people that are doing many things to improve the lives of others.