Kara D. Rhodes



This beat was not a far cry from topics I usually choose to write about. I will be graduating Spring 2019 with a B.S. in Gender Studies as well as Journalism. You could say that I major in social justice – if you wanted to. I tend to write about the LGBTQ+ community therefore I chose to incorporate that with the chosen beat.

While my first story is not about the LGBTQ+ community I wanted to learn more about the idea of culture within the Latinx community. I am not one who has such a rich culture and it has always fascinated me. Throughout the semester I was thrilled at the response I got from members of the LGBTQ+ and Latinx communities. Everyone was so willing to tell me their stories and it was very inspiring.

While I was reporting on this beat there were often times I felt like an “outsider.” There is this whole other beautiful community that I got to see that I hadn’t before. I prefer to be an outsider when reporting because it forces you to get the facts out. I’ve got my fair share of opinions when something is associated with the LGBTQ+ community so it’s difficult to be non-biased. When writing these stories that connected the two it was completely different. I enjoyed seeing my perspective of something with slight twist on it. It showed how similar we all are but how different our journeys are.

Over all, this semester and this beat have been a success. I furthered my education in journalism, which is ever growing. I learned so much about the Latinx community and I attained more published pieces for my resume.


Kara is a University of Utah student graduating in Spring 2019 with two B.S. degrees — in Communication and Gender Studies. Kara has a passion for making a positive change in the ever changing world today. Journalism assists her by making her Gender Studies degree applicable to the world.

Kara began her love for writing by reading all the Junie B. Jones novels and creating a blog in her adolescent years that dramatically explained why boys didn’t like her.

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When Kara is not studying at the university she is participating in every yoga opportunity that she can. Licensed with a 200-hour YTT (Yoga Teacher Training), Kara is passionate about yoga. Music, fashion, and pop culture are other hobbies that Kara enjoys talking, writing, and speaking about. She dreams of changing the world, looks at dog videos on Instagram, and reads books she wishes to understand.


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