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Through my reporting of Native Americans I have learned much more than I have ever known and have gained so much more knowledge of the community. The people I have talked to along this reporting journey gave me some of the best information I could have asked for. Without great responses from the people I have interviewed, my stories would be boring. The people in the communities are what make the story come to light. They are creating the story and I’m just documenting it.

Doing so much reporting lately has made me realize that journalists nowadays have to train in so many different areas. I have considered myself a photographer for a while now and have been striving to be a photojournalist. I have always been on the one side of reporting and now that I am on the writing side it opens up a whole new area for me.  Journalists in the future will be reporters, writers, photographers, videographers and even web experts. The way reporting is going knowing these are a must. I have hope for myself that I can make a well-rounded journalist. I guess a few tips for the journalists of the future would be.

  1. Learn every aspect of multimedia journalism, even if it is a little bit here and there.
  2. Always have a still camera or a video camera with you. You never know when you will need it.
  3. Write around the images you see while you are reporting and make sure to take photos or record them.
  4. Always think of how photos, videos and audio will work with the written words in your story.
  5. And always think how all those elements can come together to create one well-rounded package for your audience.



I am a photographer at heart, but love every aspect of the journalism world. I am seeking a degree in news editorial mass communication.

I graduated from Park City High School, which is where I started taking my first photography classes. After high school I attended Salt Lake Community College and took many courses for video production.

After SLCC I transferred to the University of Utah and went back to photography, which is what I have been doing ever since. 

My passions in life are photography and skateboarding and with a vast knowledge of both my favorite thing to photograph is skateboarding. With photography and skateboarding as art forms themselves, the photos that can be created can be out of this world and amazing.

Sports, action sports and lifestyle are my main areas of interest in photography, but I am always willing to photograph anything.

In the future I hope to join a newspaper or magazine staff as a photographer and also pursue freelance photography on the side.

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