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I really enjoyed writing about Native American issues this semester. My favorite article to write was the one about Native American adoption. It was really interesting to interview couples who have adopted Native children. I would like to do more research and learn about Native American women who have given their children up for adoption. I meant to include their perspective in this article, but did not have enough time or space. I think it would be really fun to do a follow-up article on Native American adoption.

This semester has helped me to solidify my future career goals. I have always been more interested in magazine writing than newspaper writing. I consider myself more of a creative writer and feel that I don’t work very well on a deadline. However, this semester has made me change my ideas about pursuing magazine writing in the future. I have really enjoyed learning more about newspaper writing this semester. I have learned how to write more succinctly and work on a deadline. Learning these skills this semester has made me consider going into newspaper writing instead of magazine writing.

Overall, I think taking this class has helped me to become more aware about what is happening in my community. I am more aware about minority groups in this area and some of the issues that affect them. I have become more sensitive to these issues and am considering them on a deeper level than ever before. 



I was born and raised in Spanish Fork, Utah. After graduating from Spanish Fork High School in 2006, I enrolled at Brigham Young University. I transferred to the University of Utah after attending BYU for two years. I will graduate with a B.S. in mass communication in 2009. I hope to attend law school soon after graduation.

I enjoy reading, eating ethnic foods and live music. I also enjoy traveling and have spent extended periods of time in Europe, Africa and Asia. I would love to live abroad in the future. 

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