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The refugee community is a group of people that is strong at its core.  Before reporting on the refugee groups I must admit, I did not know very much about them. 

In many cases they stick together. They support one another. Some refugees get better jobs than others and some have more experience than others and they use these advantages to better the community as a whole.

I have had the chance to meet and talk to refugees. Most often the refugees come from backgrounds that are very difficult and challenging. Many have left their families, friends and their culture.

I have learned through reporting that English is a big obstacle for most refugees. It handicaps their abilities and makes even the simplest things difficult to get through.

I have met some amazing individuals during the past two months or so. Some are individuals who are selfless and willing to sacrifice to help others succeed.  Others are individuals who have been through those hard times and have found ways to overcome the difficult backgrounds from which they came. All are bettering the world.

As I continue to learn about this particular community I continue to be amazed at the resilience and happiness that these people share. They may not have many temporal possessions, but most carry with them such joy and strength that it is very hard not to be moved by their stories.

My goal in my articles is to bring a better understanding of not only the particular individuals I talked to but also those groups and organizations that are involved with the refugee community. I hope that as you read my articles you too will gain a better appreciation for how they better our city and our nation.


Currently I am working on a sports broadcasting degree along with a gusiness degree at the University of Utah. I have a passion and love for sports and ultimately want to pursue a career in sports broadcasting. Talking is one of my strengths; I guess this is why I would love to talk for a career.

I have a very outgoing and relaxed way of looking at life. I have a motto, not take anything too serious unless it has to do with family or friends. Life is too short to worry about the little stuff.  

Staying active is very important to me. It doesn’t matter whether I am riding dirt bikes or golfing, as long as I am doing something active I am happy.

I am recently married to my beautiful wife who is also studying at the University of Utah and we love all of the new adventures we are sharing together.

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