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It never occurs to me to celebrate my heterosexuality, but for members of the University of Utah’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community, the LGBT Resource Center’s Pride Week at the University of Utah is something to prize.

My experience at this celebratory Pride Week involved few stereotypes. Yes, Pride Week gathered drag queen performers, Drag Dash contestants, and a sassy male fashion designer who wants to “offend people” with his lifestyle. But the week wasn’t about that. Everyone in attendance seemed to radiate a sense of belonging, which I doubt they feel very often in a world where being LGBT is still considered controversial to many. For the most part, they didn’t want to rub their orientation in anyone’s faces, but instead wanted a place where it was OK to be who they are, to the fullest.

I really enjoyed feeling that sense of community that, during Pride Week, gets a little bigger as more people learn to be tolerant and embrace their LGBT peers.  


Journalism became my passion during a stint as cartoonist at Alta High School’s newspaper, The Hawkeye, in Sandy, Utah. Between sketching out zany caricatures and planning my next punchline, my advisor threw a few articles my way — and it wasn’t long until I was hooked. After graduation, I attended Salt Lake Community College and worked my way up from contributing writer to senior editor at the school newspaper, The Globe. I graduated from SLCC with an associate degree in communication and went on to the University of Utah, where I am now a senior. I’m getting ready to graduate [December 2007] with a bachelor’s in mass communication with an emphasis in electronic journalism, which I hope will help me excel in print, radio, television and Web journalism.