Jennifer Morgan




When I first signed up for the class and received an e-mail from the professor about the semester-long focus, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to objectively report because of my strong conservative views. After talking with Dr. Mangun I decided that I could do it and it would be a good experience because there might be future events that I might be assigned to cover that I might not agree with personally.

This class has sparked my interest in areas I hadn’t given much consideration to before and has been the catalyst for my gaining an internship at QSaltLake as a copy editor. It has also helped me appreciate the importance of covering minorities.

Except for being female, I’m privileged because I’m white, American, middle class and educated. I appreciate hearing different points of view that remind me of my “status.”

It was hard to pick which PRIDE Week events to go to at first, but in the end I wanted to hear the forum and the keynote speaker because I thought they would create the most dialogue during or afterwards.

I did many things to prepare and improve my skills during the semester. I attended a meeting of QSU and got to meet many members of the LGBT community who are my peers. I practiced note taking in the airport when CNN aired the press conference of Marion Jones announcing that she took drugs. I stood with my notepad and imagined that I was there. I’d like to get an old textbook in the near future that teaches shorthand so I can improve that skill.

I bought a digital voice recorder for Pride Week. I got the cheapest one I could find which was about $40. It turned out that I could play back the files but couldn’t download them to a computer. It turns out the communication department has cameras and recorders you can check out. Had I known that ahead of time I never would have made the purchase. The voice recorders are slated for radio student use so even though there was one available when a radio student expressed a need later I was asked to return it. With the help of my teacher Dr. Mangun and technical assistant Lee Zurligen I was able to transfer the files from my digital recorder to the school’s digital recorder.

Since we were writing for a Web site I did a lot of work to make it interactive. I copied my files (recordings, pictures) to a computer so they could be embedded online.

I feel like I’m a better person for having taken this class because it’s expanded my way of thinking. I’m reminded that one can’t make assumptions based on the way one looks and that people are more similar than they are different.

Being informed is the first line of defense against ignorance, hate and fear.