Vanessa Nelson




I am a University of Utah student majoring in electronic journalism. My love for writing was innate. With a vivid imagination at a young age I dreamed up stories and made books for playtime. Keeping a journal was never a task for me, but rather a means of retaining my sanity.

As a freshman in college I had no plans for my career, only knowing it should have little to do with math. But after taking a radio journalism class in my sophomore year, I found my passion.

Having my own radio show on K-UTE for two hours a week gave me a thrill. I realized that I spent all of time and energy on creating my show rather than doing my homework. I enjoyed finding music, making playlists, writing the news and satire. I decided that a career in writing and broadcasting was my calling.

During spring 2007 I will transfer to Boise State University for a semester to complete a sports broadcasting internship. I plan to graduate in December 2008. Where my passion for writing will take me after graduation is still unknown, but I know it will take me somewhere.


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