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During our class interview with Stewart Ralphs, executive director of Legal Aid Society of Salt Lake, he emphasized how Legal Aid’s services can help those in need.  He also said that domestic violence cases are a high priority.

Domestic violence isn’t something that I have experience with firsthand but I know how prevalent it is these days. I also know how important it is for people who are being abused to know they aren’t alone.  That is why I chose to do my second news story about domestic violence and where people can go for help.

Our third news story, we were paired with a client who got help from the organizations working with “…And Justice for All.” We were to tell what organization they worked with and how they got help. All of our clients consented for us to interview and publish their stories. The client who I worked with is an amazing woman. Her case involved immigration, divorce and domestic abuse.

While writing her story, I felt empowered to tell it.  My fingers were flying over the keyboard. I couldn’t stop writing. I wanted my article to reach others. I tried to convey the emotions she had in her voice in order to put the reader in my shoes, having her tell the facts directly to them.

I’m glad that I had the chance to get my articles published, not just because it is important to me, but also because it is important for others to hear.


Growing up, I never would have guessed that I would major in mass communication with an emphasis in public relations. I was extremely shy and wouldn’t ever talk to people who I didn’t know. That all changed in high school when I became head cheerleader. Yes, the quiet one was now the one who yelled the loudest!

I am currently a senior at the University of Utah. I will walk in May 2009 and officially graduate in August 2009. It has been a long and sometimes rough journey getting to this point. I spent time at four different local colleges but the U has been my favorite. I’m not going to lie, I was a little nervous my parents wouldn’t help me with tuition after I transferred to the U from their alma mater, BYU. However, my parents are amazing and have helped me throughout college.  I’m extremely grateful for that, especially since some of my amazing opportunities have been unpaid internships. I have earned the title “super intern” for completing four internships.

This May I will begin my fifth internship. The first two internships were with the Utah Senate and the third and fourth were with local sports teams. For the fifth, I will be working in the creative department at the local ABC/CW30 affiliate.

I’m excited to start the new internship and ecstatic to graduate. It was fun while it lasted but it has lasted too long and I’m ready to see what the future has in store!

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