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Even though I am in my senior year as a Mass Communications student at the University of Utah, something about calling sources and writing stories scared me. Especially when I found out our clients would be low-income individuals with legal problems.

Getting a client that was specific to me, who had a story I was responsible to tell, was both exciting and horrifying. I delayed the first call to her for days, not knowing exactly how to conduct the interview. As time crept by, I felt more and more weight on my shoulders. So, I made the call. She answered on the fifth ring. The hardest part was over. We set up a time to talk on the phone, because between two jobs and nine grandchildren, her schedule was too busy to meet me in person.

We spoke for around 45 minutes. At the end of the conversation I felt so good. It was a huge stress relief and after 45 minutes on the phone, I genuinely liked my client and felt sympathetic toward her situation.

Monica’s situation was my first time writing a feature story. I loved being able to relate the details of someone’s life to a larger audience. It forced me to stretch my imagination and attempt a new writing style.

I am glad I got the chance to know Monica and help tell her story. I hope it will reach someone in a similar situation that can benefit from her experience.


At the time of this posting, I am in my last semester before earning my bachelor’s degree at the University of Utah. My major is mass communication with an emphasis on news editorial; my minor is business.

I grew up in Orem, Utah, and completed the first half of my education at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. While there, I participated in a fine arts study abroad program in London and Paris. After starting an internship at the Utah Governor’s Office, I was offered a full-time job. So, I moved to Salt Lake and transferred to the University of Utah.

At the Governor’s Office I worked under Lieutenant Governor Gary R. Herbert on the Native American Summit, the Commission on Civic and Character Education and the End Cervical Cancer in our Lifetime campaign, as well as State Seal regulation and municipal boundary certification.

I worked in the Office of the Lieutenant Governor for more than two years before moving to New York for a semester-long internship. In New York, I worked as a fashion intern at W magazine. I returned from New York this past December and miss it terribly.

I currently work as an independent contractor doing marketing for a local greeting card company and consulting for a political action committee.

Upon graduation, I plan on exploring entry-level jobs at various magazines. I hope to end up as a magazine editor for a lifestyle/pop culture publication. I love fashion, politics, photography, reading, dance and film.

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