Alexis Young



On the first day of class, we were told we would be covering issues on “aging” in today’s society. Truthfully, I was completely shocked and a little nervous. Before enrolling in Intermediate Reporting, I didn’t know anything about aging issues, healthy aging, nor did I know my life was going to be influenced by talking to numerous senior citizens in Utah. This semester has been an incredible experience to work alongside the elderly, and learn about the different resources and services available to our aging population.

Coming up with interesting story ideas was the biggest challenge I faced. I was having an extremely difficult time in contemplating what topic I wanted to cover for one of my articles. Suddenly out of nowhere, my answer came to me. I was driving home one afternoon, and saw an elderly person around 75-years-old; he was running to the beat of his iPod alongside the road with a gigantic smile on his face. Instantly, I knew I wanted to focus my next story on exercising among the elderly. My first thought was to focus the article on different ways an elderly person could stay active, but I began researching on the internet.

That’s when I came across EnhanceFitness at the Tenth East Senior Center in Downtown Salt Lake City. During my visit, I had the chance to interview Sheila Alford, a 92-year-old woman who participates in EnhanceFitness. She honestly had more energy than anyone could ever imagine. I was deeply inspired as she shared her weekly routine with me, and I enjoyed learning that her life is truly focused on staying active. I didn’t have much time to chat her, because she was on her way to a second exercise class, but I did feel very fortunate to have been able to write about her life and share it with others. I truly hope the article I wrote about Alford and EnhanceFitness inspires others to stay active, and helps a person to realize the benefits of exercising.

The four stories I have written about aging has been a life changing experience. I was exposed to a new generation I knew nothing about, and now have a new appreciation for the elderly. Because I was so moved by the older generation, I am currently volunteering at a Senior Center in Davis County. I hope the articles I have written are helpful to you, and inspire you as they did me.


I am 20 years old  and majoring in mass communication at the University of Utah, with an emphasis in journalism. I first became interested in journalism during my freshman year of college, as I became an avid “news watcher.” I cannot go one day without watching the Today Show or the nightly local news. My number one dream and also my career goal, is to one day become a news anchor. I love communicating and being around people, as well keeping them well-informed of what I learned from watching the news.

An incredible life-learning experience I had during the summer of 2009 was completing an internship with KSL’s Studio 5. I had the opportunity to work alongside very influential people, and I look forward to completing another internship in conjunction with a local news station very soon.

If I am not sitting at my computer doing homework, you will most likely find me enjoying anything that keeps me active. I mostly love to travel (I was fortunate enough to visit Paris, France during the summer of 2008), hike with my family, boat, exercise, snowboard, or go to a movie. Currently, I live in North Salt Lake, and am your typical “poor college student.” Life can be tough, but I never let it bring me down. I know if I continue to work hard and live life to its fullest extent, my future will remain positive.

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