Alicia Williams



Writing about elderly issues inspired me to dig deep; I really wanted to find and report on emotional topics. There’s so much to learn from these treasured individuals. And absolutely everything is important to them and to the people surrounding them.

I was especially challenged with the topic about end of life care. It was scary; I thought I might be imposing upon sick individuals and their families. But, I also knew it was important to try. I wanted to give them an opportunity to share their story.

I met the most interesting and kind people. It was actually life altering, I’m forever changed. It’s such an amazing feeling to know you gave of yourself, even briefly, to someone so preciously close to death. Memories of the time I spent with Tina Chavez will be with me forever. I’ll never forget the beautiful songs she so bravely sang to me, a complete stranger. What a sweet memory.

I was also impressed with the absolute professionalism and pride the people of LifePath Hospice put into the care of their patients. Shannon Thompson is a shining example of compassion, dedication and efficiency. Qualities that became immediately apparent the first time I met her. LifePath is extremely lucky to have such a valuable employee.

I’m so grateful for the experiences I gained during this class. I know I grew as a writer and as a person. I look at my articles, and I’m impressed with what I accomplished. It’s a great feeling, it’s why I love writing.


I’ve always enjoyed reading. I remember the different summers of my youth, by the stories I read. But, I never visualized myself as a writer.

After spending a lifetime crunching numbers and balancing budgets, I decided I needed to go back to school. Creativity may not be naturally inherited, but it can definitely be learned.

I’ve been writing for the University of Utah’s student paper, The Daily Utah Chronicle, for two years.  I took first place in the 2008 Region 9 Mark of Excellence Award for general column writing. Also, third place in the Top of the Rockies for editorials, which was very exciting because I ran against professional journalist at the Salt Lake Tribune and the Deseret News. It’s been the best experience and a truly rewarding opportunity.

Now when I visualize my future, I see a writer, an author and a biographer. I know there’s a great story waiting patiently to be written.  You’ll want to remember me; I’m going to be famous!

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