Jessica Gonzales


Working on the aging beat has been a remarkable experience for me and I’ve enjoyed writing the stories I’ve done this semester. I was unsure at first as to the many resources that are available to the aging community but the Salt Lake County Aging services has provided me with help and guidance through the stories I’ve worked on and have been very generous to my needs.

My stories on the aging population have led me to meet remarkable people with engaging stories. I’ve learned of the many programs Aging Services provides for senior citizens and their dedication to making the “golden years” really golden.

Some of the people I interviewed for my feature stories I felt like I could talk with for hours if I had the time. They were all very humble of their life history and achievements and were some of the nicest and friendliest people I had ever met. I interviewed Fred Buchanan for my third story and I was fascinated with his previous life as a Scottish immigrant, accomplished University professor, and Parkinson’s disease patient. In my final story, I interviewed Ann Mayne who has been a senior volunteer for 18 years and showed no signs of slowing down. Her many stories of how she has contributed to the community over the years and dedication were inspiring. I can only imagine how many more people like Fred and Ann are out there whose stories are just waiting to be told.


I was born and raised in Taylorsville for most of my life and transferred to the University of Utah in Fall of 2008 as a Mass Communication major with an emphasis in Journalism. I didn’t discover journalism until my sophomore year of college and realized it was a perfect fit to my aspirations as a writer. Writing has been one of my biggest passions and is something that I’ve loved to do ever since I was a little girl. Journalism gives me the opportunity to learn of new development, keep up with the community, and most of all, hear people’s stories. I find it to be a privilege to do so and know that my work has the potential of commemorating and being beneficial to people’s lives.

My other interests include environmental issues, Latino culture, and reading. In the future, I’d like to continue writing and using my talents to become involved in my local community and give a voice to the public.

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