Kelli Coomes


I love camping, especially in Vernal.


When we were told we would be focusing on the elderly in Utah, I was excited. Though I am more by nature an editor than a journalist, I was interested in the stories available.

I love video games and the fact that many senior centers and seniors now have the Wii was very interesting to me. There are so many myths about the elderly that I wanted to delve into.

The story about Dell Walker was my favorite to write. To have gone through that much and still be independent at his age was encouraging to me. It changed the myth that I held about how weak old people are at his age. I don’t think I could do all the things he does in a day.


I am a student at the University of Utah, studying News Editorial Mass Communication and animation. I will graduate with a B.A. in May 2010.

I love computers, games and consoles. I am fascinated by the gaming world and hope to one day bring a little more editing to the in-game text. I think it’s important for games to use correct grammar. So many children are playing games and reading the scrolling text. It needs to be accurate for their developing minds.

I graduated from Utah Valley University with an A.S. in technical writing and I was an editor for NetXNews for two years.

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