Keith R. Araneo-Yowell



While I was sitting across the table listening to the subject of my third story recount the atrocities that befell her at the hands of the Chinese government, I realized this story would change me. I never would have anticipated any assignment, school or otherwise, to have such a profound effect on the way I think about misfortune and coping. I wanted everyone to be able to take away the things I did from my interaction with Miss Lin.

It was in her strength that I found determination to tell her story in a way that would not only convey the emotion I felt hearing it, but also do her and any other victims of persecution justice. It proved difficult to do without sounding slanted, and I still feel there is improvement to be made.

It was the prospect of reporting challenging and relevant stories that originally drew me to study journalism. Throughout this semester, and especially reporting for story 3, I realized a lot about myself, the media and this class in general.

I’m of the opinion that journalism would be a tool that I would use to augment any other future endeavor, but it’s becoming more and more clear that I could find the art as a profession one of true satisfaction and real fulfillment.


I am a senior at the University of Utah, graduating Winter 2010 with degrees in economics and mass communication with a focus in journalism. I have always loved the pursuit of knowledge in any field, which is what drew me to study journalism. I keep bees and play a variety of different instruments, including the bass, the drums, the banjo and the guitar.  I hope to continue my education by pursuing a master’s or PhD in econometrics (a form of applied statistics).

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