Dana Igo

Photo by Jesse Michael Nix



I was terrified to take this class. I was insecure about a lot of things: my writing abilities, my creativity, but most of all my ability to conduct an interview. The idea of sitting with someone and talking didn’t bother me until it was put into a setting where I needed something from them. I thought talking would become a job, not a natural flow of ideas. However, this class has changed my mind about interviews. After being eased into interviewing by conducting a couple as a class, I became less nervous about doing it on my own. By the time my third story came around I was comfortable calling my sources and asking them questions about their lives. I discovered that most people don’t mind talking as long as I provided a good listening ear. This small revelation has helped me profoundly. Before this class I wasn’t sure I would do well as a journalist. Without interviews I wouldn’t have anything to write about. Now I’m confident that if there’s a story, I can get it. It’s a little like finding hidden treasure. Once you have the map, all you need to do is dig.

Another thing that I figured out through this class was the importance of stretching beyond my own community. Because we explored the Asian beat, I was exposed to a part of Utah that I hadn’t connected with before. I learned about Filipino dance, Asian businesses and community leaders, domestic violence in the Asian community, and many other world expanding ideas. It’s easy to become fully immersed in one part of the world, while completely forgetting another. Through this class, I realized that there is much to learn beyond what I already know if I look for it. Now I’m more interested in minority affairs in Utah and throughout the world.


Dana Igo is a senior at the University of Utah. She plans to graduate in December 2010 with a bachelor of science in news writing and a minor in creative writing. She has worked for various publications, both print and online, including Catalyst Magazine and the University of Utah’s Lessons Magazine. She is currently applying to graduate schools to pursue a master’s degree in journalism. Aside from writing, Dana also aspires to be a photojournalist and tries to take photos every day.

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