Scott Wiseman



Over the course of the semester, I have taken journalism from an interest to a lifestyle. When I had learned that we would be writing about Utah’s economy, I was unenthusiastic and apathetic toward what the semester would bring.

After writing four in-depth articles dealing with the economic impact at the University of Utah, I have developed a greater sense for some of the monetary aspects of the campus. I learned specifically about budget development, where funding goes, how funding is raised and the impacts of the recession on departments. The information that I learned about the university was valuable, but the best benefits from the semester came from learning how to interact on campus, schedule interviews and develop connections on campus. The journalism experience that I received during the semester is invaluable.

During this semester, I have had many epiphanies about my career. I started a job working at the Daily Utah Chronicle which opened my eyes to the struggles and successes that accompany the life of a journalist. I’ve worked extremely hard this semester. Even though I am used to the requirements of school and my job, it is still sometimes a struggle to balance all of my responsibilities. I have heard a lot of rumors about journalism. Most of them turn out to be negative, as I hear that journalists do not make much money, have a difficult task and are getting laid off. Fortunately enough, I have had a rewarding experience at the Daily Utah Chronicle. This is something that I hope to continue with as I move on throughout my college career.

Overall, this semester has been a quite rewarding time to be a journalist. I believe that with perseverance, hard work and diligence, journalism will take me far.


I grew up in a suburb of northeastern Pennsylvania, right on the Delaware River. Raised playing baseball and snowboarding in the Pocono Mountains, I relocated to Salt Lake City as soon as I graduated high school. Moving across the country by myself was by far the biggest change in my life, and I don’t regret any second of it.

At the time of this posting, I am a sophomore studying mass communication at the University of Utah. Currently, I am a news writer for The Daily Utah Chronicle, which is my first experience in a newsroom. It is a much more positive experience than my previous job, which included leaning over an extremely hot grill at a Philly Cheesesteak restaurant for hours on end.

Some of my career aspirations include finding a profession that lets me express my voice, preferably through writing. I would also enjoy being involved with a national media outlet

Outside of a career, I want to live in many different areas of the world. I desire to see the exotic sights that the world has to offer, as there are incredible amounts just waiting to be discovered.

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