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This beat helped me learn a couple new things, reminded me of others and reinforced my desire to constantly learn.

Parents like to protect their children’s hearts. This is the way it should be and I was happy to learn that it is still very true for most parents I came in contact with. There are many programs and resources for families and children, sometimes these programs are not used because there is little access to information. Some parents don’t know the value or they simply don’t know programs exist. And yet other parents may know of programs and their value but choose to teach their children in their own way. All of these strategies are okay as long as the general purpose of parent’s choices is to promote growth and positive development. I know that I want to be a journalist. I want to be a bilingual reporter. Because language creates barriers, I want to write stories that can be interpreted for Spanish and English speaking communities.

I believe in the nuclear family structure, not because it is what society easily accepts but because I have seen it work in my life. I feel that this beat has helped reinforce that but at the same time has reminded me of the people in the margins who want the same happiness. I honestly believe that if someone is willing to work hard to acquire something they should be given the opportunity to succeed in that endeavor. The programs and information I was able to find apply to all types of families. Unconventional families should rely more heavily on the resources that are available to alleviate the burdens society may place on them.

I also learned to have a backup plan, to remember people can be flakes. I am a lot more passionate about discovering truths and investigating life than most people so I can’t expect people’s response to an interview request to align with my interests. Different people care about different things.  I feel that when we are reporting it is important to provide resources and to give a call to action to enable civic responsibility. The power of the media is amazing because it reaches so many lives, places and settings.


I’m 26 years old; I started college the semester after I graduated from high school. When I hear someone say, “You’re still in school!” I remember my mom’s words, “Yeah, but most students don’t get married twice and have 3 children in between.”

In addition to overcoming domestic violence and being a single mom for 3 years, I have worked the entire time I’ve been in school. I’ve had ups and downs but my support system, hard work and perseverance have enabled me to construct 9 years of combined work experience.

I have worked in a broad spectrum of odd tasks within my jobs. Interpreting documents, providing customer service for both Spanish and English speaking customers, appearing in several Spanish language ads used for local recruitment, constructing documents and training manuals for an emerging internet based company and much more, all while raising my children.

I know that I want many things from life, and I have been able to pace myself so that I can value and do each one well. I love my heritage, and filling my days with my huge loud family.  I want my children to enjoy their childhood. I want to go to law school and one day own a business. I’ve been labeled as organized but this is the only way I plan to accomplish my goals.

Writing has always been my passion; in the midst of life I’ve been able to work doing this in diverse ways. I have traveled to document events for SLCC and the University of Utah. I’ve had the opportunity to broaden my writing skills with business and grant writing courses through the Latin American Chamber of Commerce. A couple of years ago, a group of friends and I started an organization to disseminate information relevant to the progress and integration of Spanish speaking residents in Utah. And recently, writing stories for Venceremos, the University of Utah’s Latino/a newspaper, has infatuated me. I have been able to apply new tenets of diverse writing and grown as a narrator of life both in English and Spanish.

I know the future holds my dreams and I’m working hard to bring them to life. I will never stop writing and I will never stop working.

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