Janita Badon



In this class, I first learned what a beat actually was, having never really done this style of writing before. Being on the women’s basketball team, I had to travel all the time, so I wanted to gear everything I wrote about to sports in some kind of way.

But I didn’t know how I was actually going to connect that with the economy. In the end, they fit perfectly. When I actually got into it and started writing on my beat I learned that economy has everything to do with sports. Sometimes when people have the luxury of going to school for free, they tend to forget the important things that everybody else has to constantly think about: paying for schooling. This beat made me realize how fortunate and blessed I truly am.

With this beat I understood many things that I thought were narrow-minded school wide. I now know that everybody doesn’t make decisions but they do have opinions that need to be expressed. I met so many people that were on sports team and the ones that weren’t on them, and it’s interesting how some sport teams have different opinions based on their sex. Well, that’s how it was in many cases.

For my beat, I wanted to stay close to home, so I was really focused on the University of Utah campus, and I now understand how important my community is important to the people on campus. Sounds weird, but I never met so many people who had so much good things to say about their campus or how many people wanted to know how they could help any situation that I asked about.


Hello! My name is Janita Badon. I’m from Portland, Oregon where it always rains, it’s TAX FREE and you don’t have to pump your own gas. I’m a junior, and I just happen to play on the women’s basketball team here at the University of Utah. I’m a mass communication major and I plan on becoming a sports broadcaster if being a professional athlete is out of reach.

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