Nathaniel Bingaman



The beat covered this semester was nonprofit organizations on the west side of Salt Lake City. While covering this beat I learned that there is a lot of help needed on the west side. Many people live with a very limited income; for many different reasons, people are struggling to get by.

Nonprofit organizations offer these people and their families help. There are nonprofits that provide education to adults on how to get a job. There are nonprofits that are for children whose parents don’t have the funds to put them in preschool. Nonprofits help with giving food and clothing to people in need and helping people in a community get a fresh start at a better life.

I have learned that there are many people in this world and a lot of them need a little bit of help at some point in their life. Nonprofits offer that help.

By covering a specific beat this semester I realized that reporting is hard work. You have to make good connections with people in the community. By developing good relationships you are able to make connections and obtain leads for future stories.

Beat reporting has taught me that you have to be good at multitasking. You have to be able to write multiple stories at once. You have to be good at implementing multimedia assets into your story and beat writers always have to be looking for a good story wherever they go.

Overall I learned that beat reporting is something that is constantly changing. Every story is different; you have to be willing to adapt to your surroundings and work hard.


My name is Nathaniel Bingaman, I am currently a senior at the University of Utah. I have always had an intrest in the news and current events. I would like to find a job that will help keep me updated on all of the happenings of the world around me.

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