Johanna Wischmann



Doing beat stories are a lot of work. I learned a lot of skills and new information throughout my journey doing beat stories. I never went to the west side of Salt Lake City before doing the beat stories. The stories taught me that there is a lot more diversity in Salt Lake than most people would assume. Doing these beat stories I realized that there will be a lot of times that I will not know anything about a story and it will be completely new to me. During my career I will have to do a lot of things that may make me feel uncomfortable. Doing these things will strengthen me and prepare me for the greater tasks that I will one day have to face. The beats have not changed my views on politics or religion. During high school I volunteered a lot and have already been aware of the issues in our state. I learned and became more aware of foundations in Salt Lake City that can help people. As a communicator it is my responsibility to report what is going on, no matter how bad or good it is. It was not very difficult to stay objective because as a communicator you must be able to understand that it is your job to be fair and stay objective no matter how you personally feel about the matter.


Originally, I am from Hamburg, Germany. I have been living in the United States for the past 11 years. For the last three years, at the University of Utah, I have been studying mass communication with an emphasis on visual journalism. I am also minoring in leadership studies. I plan to graduate in May 2012. For almost a year now I have been interning at KUTV Channel 2 News. I love to travel and hope to discover stories everywhere in the world.

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