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I enjoyed this class I just took at University of Utah, Communication 3660 with Holly Mullen, a lot because it taught me a variety of things that I need to know for my major and for an eventual career in journalism. communication. We have created multiplemedia presentations that help further a career in this field. I have made a Twitter account and understand how it works now, as before I didn’t have one.

The LinkedIn portfolio helps provide myself  to connect with others in a business format. Multimedia is necessary nowadays to communicate with other people. The picture-taking is important, as well, to show you are well-rounded in this field as we have done in some assignments this semester.  I liked the X-ray readings analysis because it gives me a chance to read and really think and analyze an article instead of just reading to read. The analysis helps you to point out grammar issues, along with format and ideas.

The writing projects we did with Sim Gill and Chris Burbank were an eye opener as to how to write. I struggled to start with ideas on where to go with the law and justice portion of the assignment at first. Once I figured out which direction I could go with each article I did OK. I felt like I did a lot better with the enterprise stories, about Utah Ute baseball and Ute basketball, because it was something I was interested in and felt like I could really write about the stories I did. Ideas were a lot more free- flowing in my mind as to what to write about, after I figured out the topics I would write on. The interviewing in this class for the articles we did continued to remind me of the field I’m going into and how it will be in real life. The interview process is all about positive communication, even when denied. Persistence is necessary to be a good journalist. The Study Abroad Fair was the first real interviews for the class to get us ready for other interviews we did in the semester.

I learned a lot this semester by working on my writing. I know that I can write if I have a topic I’m interested in. New ideas might always be a struggle, but it keep me always thinking. I think positioning or formatting an article is something I can work on by brainstorming beforehand  to get my articles to be more cohesive. I need to read more AP Style to be able to remember how to write certain things before I write instead of looking it all up afterwards. Overall, this class has really helped me to be more confident in my writing, my interviewing and the fact that I can succeed in this field for a career. The only thing that got hard was having multiple articles being written at once. I will have to get used to that though. I really liked the suggestions that you, Holly, gave us as our teacher after I wrote because it helped me to see how I can write in an active voice and make things simple to read. Learning how to write is always a process of continuing to become better. I think writing these articles has helped me and practice will make perfect.

Writing about sports is what I enjoy because my entire life I have played them and to still have it in my life is important to me. Only a few people are lucky enough to make professional sports a career, but to write on games, or teams is something that keeps me young and competitive. Emotion is something that people enjoy in life and sports provides such thrills for people to entertain that.

Though I have written before in my life in high school and at a previous university, it had been a while for myself and I had forgotten for a while how to write. This class I took really helped me to get back on track with my writing style with help from my teacher. I hope to continue in the journalism world and make a career for myself some day.

ABOUT ME: My name is Jason Nowa. I’m a student at University of Utah. I love sports and music. I am 25 years old. My major is communication. My hometown is in Southern California. I want to be a journalist because writing about my hobby of sports is interesting to me. My stories will have a great impact on myself and those who read them.

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