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MY BLOG: Reflecting on our time in class

Like everyone else I had a few things that I struggled with in this class. Writing about beats that I’m not very familiar with was a little challenging, but I learned that even if the subject is not especially to your liking you can always find a way to make it interesting and put your spin on it.

I have a problem with authority so when we did our Chief Burbank assignment I was especially worried, but I found a side of it that was personally interesting and was able to get over that fear.

Many of our guest speakers like Kevin Pang, and Ben Winslow emphasized how important it is to not only know how to incorporate and use different mixed and multimedia, but to be willing to write about a broad spectrum of subjects. I found that to be very true and helpful.

Learning about and how to operate the various popular websites like Twitter and LinkedIn was also and still is difficult for me, but I know because of this class have the knowledge and the tools to continue that if I wish to. I think the more time passes the more each generation realizes how important sites like these will become.

ABOUT ME:  My name is Julianna Clay. My dad is a retired officer of the Air Force. I was born three of five daughters to Barrett and Sindy Clay in Ohio, but was raised primarily in Europe.  I spent my elementary days in Ramstein, Germany and Aviano, Italy. I graduated high school at a DODDs school in Vicenza, Italy.

I initially moved to Utah to live with my elder sister, but stayed on after she got married and moved overseas because I wanted to go to school here. I was unsure of what course I wanted to pursue so I attended the community college  first to get my generals out of the way.

One of the general education requirements was a writing class. In that course we were supposed to get a few assignments published in the community college paper. I got multiple stories published. It was exciting and revitalizing to see my name in print. I decided that I had finally found my passion and my niche. I had gotten bitten by the journalism bug and there was no turning back.

I became a staff reporter for Salt Lake Community College’s newspaper and I after I did that for a semester or two I transferred to the University of Utah. During my first semester at the University of Utah I started an internship with City Weekly. After I ended my internship I became a freelancer for City Weekly and SLUG.

I’m two semesters away from graduating with a degree in journalism and I most recently got a weekly freelancing gig with Now in Salt Lake to write about fashion. Although music writing is primarily what I’m used to, I look forward to the challenge of writing about where to go to get the newest trends. Like any girly-girl I am very passionate about shopping and clothing!

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