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Through the course of this semester I have gained a deeper appreciation for news reporting and writing. I am realizing that all the aspects I have been taught during my schooling here at the University of Utah come together to create the perfect storm. I wasn’t so sure as to why I was learning certain styles or techniques until now. Ahha! It all just clicked! I have gained a stronger sense of confidence regarding my ability to write. At the same time, I continue to be challenged and humbled as I read and learn from the professionals in the field.

Reflecting upon the topics we wrote on this semester, they were all new to me. This sparked new interest and knowledge in the fact that I can write about topics even if I haven’t covered them before. It has been extremely beneficial for me to have to write about something I originally knew nothing about. I learned how to research without becoming biased to one side or another, and to take the research and turn it into an avenue for questions and further learning. We were lucky to hear from Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill. We also heard from Salt Lake City Police Chief Chris Burbank. I had no previous knowledge regarding these two individuals or what exactly their jobs entailed. I was able to listen to them and be inspired to write.

It is fascinating what progress can be made while being stretched in new directions. Journalism is far from a “comfortable” career. With new topics, fast paces, and technological advancements the journalism career is not one to stand still in. I have learned and relearned the inevitable, that what you put into your work is what you get out of it. The success is absolutely affected by the amount of work put in. I am excited and anxious to continue writing and see where it takes me.


My name is Blakely Bowers. I am 24 years old. I am majoring in journalism at the University of Utah. I was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. I have been married for about three years. We have lived in Washington D.C.,and spent the last year in New York City, where I have been interning for an entertainment company while simultaneously on a self-guided “foodie’s tour of the city.” I enjoy putting the many thoughts racing through my brain into writing. Journalism is my creative outlet. I hope to influence those who read my stories. Whether it simply be the awareness of the topics, or the writing itself, I hope others can take something away from my stories.

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