Of three movies, one moves a guy to tears

by: Zachary Arthur

As summer approaches blockbuster movies are hitting the big screen. Over the past month many filmgoers have seen the highest grossing movies of the year—not to mention one of the most famous disaster movies of all time return to the big screen.

“21 Jump Street”, “The Hunger Games”, and “Titanic (in 3D)” are three movies that either opened in the number one spot this year or opened in the number one spot in their original release date.

“21 Jump Street” started the movie extravaganza. Although the movie was clearly pegged as a comedy, there was still anticipation for everything else it might offer and any surprises it had in store.

Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum play bad police officers who are sent back to high school as undercover students because of their immaturity. A new drug is making the rounds at school. The cops are assigned to stop the drug from spreading out the school walls, and to find out who is making and distributing it.

Above and beyond everything else this movie is a comedy. The goal of the film was to make whoever was watching it laugh however I was surprised to find that there was a wide range of action and a small love story that developed on screen.

One particular scene that had the entire theater laughing had the gym teacher confronting Hill and Tatum in the school hall. The gym teacher asks for their hall passes but does not know that Hill and Tatum had just been forced to do a new drug to prove they were legit students.

The key to this movie’s success lies in the acting. Hill was cast as the slightly overweight nerd and Tatum was cast as the athletic and attractive jock. While the movie plays certain angles to mix their roles up, the true comedy of the movie is a result of what actors played what parts.

Kyle Copier, a freshman at the University of Utah, attended the movie. “Every time Jonah Hill is in a movie I can bank on it being funny,” he said. “This movie did not disappoint and although it was not the funniest movie I have ever seen him do, it had other aspects to it that brought the movie to the same level.”

Although “21 Jump Street” was probably the best comedy of the year so far, “The Hunger Games” had to be the most anticipated film of 2012.

Among popular adaptations of young adult novels to film, such as the “Harry Potter” and “Twilight” series, “The Hunger Games” is the newest in the genre and targeted mainly to females, ages 13 to 18. Still, the film has found a way to make a place in the adult market.

In the first three weeks of its run, the movie has made $302 million worldwide and has maintained its top box office ranking the entire time.

The movie has newcomer Jennifer Lawrence take over the lead role of Katniss Everdeen, a poor girl struggling to take care of her mother and younger sister. Lawrence is the highlight of an already bright film.

“The Hunger Games” world takes place in the near future as the country has been divided into 12 districts.

Once a year the country hosts “The Hunger Games,” a competition where a boy and a girl from each district are chosen to compete in a competition in a simulated world with only one way to get out: Fight to the death.

The last person standing gets out and the rewards are plentiful. Apart from Lawrence’s performance as Everdeen, the movie benefits from its unique pacing.

A film with a violent and action-packed theme, “The Hunger Games” waits until about half way to even start the competition. This may sound like a poor plan, but it is perfectly executed.

Heather Reynolds, a junior at Westminster College, thoroughly enjoyed the film.

“If anybody has read the book then they know the movie is a must-see. They nailed most of what the book said, and although they left a few details out, the whole story was still told very well,” Reynolds said.

This was a strong surprise in the box office and one that leaves people wondering about future adaptations.

The most recent release of the three movies is “Titanic (in 3D).” It is a big screen rerelease of the highly touted 1997 movie “Titanic.”

The movie won 11 academy awards and until “Avatar’s” release in 2010, was the highest-grossing movie of all time. The special effects were well beyond the movies years and many were anticipating the chance to see the movie again at the movie theater.

If you hesitant at seeing the film again, or shudder at the length of this movie (195 minutes) then please stop now. If you need a good meal or a nice walk around the park to clear your ones head then please take the necessary steps towards doing that.

This is the same classic that people fell in love with in 1997. Jordana Kahn, a freshman at the University of Utah said, “The movie packs every possible emotion into one package and leaves you wanting to cry and never let go of your loved one at the end of the movie.”

The ship was called by many at the time as “The unsinkable ship” and its design showed why. The boat was large and as luxurious as anybody could imagine.

The one big fault of the ship was that there were only enough life rafts for about half of the ship. The ship ended up hitting an iceberg two days into its voyage and sinking.

The end result was that 2,223 passengers were on the ship and 1,517 died.

Directed by James Cameron, the movie goes builds toward the tragic end for the ship while weaving a love story throughout. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet star as the two people on the ship who always find a way towards each other.

DiCaprio plays -Jack Dawson-, a poor American that won his way onto the ship in a game of poker. Winslet plays -Rose DeWitt Bukater-, an English woman unhappily engaged to a wealthy man.

The two could not be more opposite in appearance and demeanor, but the most important aspect to this movie’s success is how DiCaprio and Winslet connect on the screen.

The on-screen chemistry is unmatched and the reason people do not get bored or annoyed with the movie’s extreme length.

As a critic, I have a unique power to potentially influence people’s opinion on seeing a movie. And if anybody questions my validity on these reviews let me leave you with this:

While watching “Titanic (In 3D)” I got a little emotional during one scene. One tear fell from my eye. And since this movie is so great. I’m not ashamed at all.

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