Sascha Blume



Learning how to become a journalist is difficult. Learning the art of journalism is nearly impossible.

I have chosen to take the road of the unfamiliar and the impossible in the hope of becoming a good broadcast journalist with the goal of one day becoming an artist in this field.

My intention is not to become a media star or a person who is concerned with their self-interests.

My interest in journalism is simple: I want to help my community learn its voice and stand up against the interests that disenfranchise our community’s most vulnerable populations.

Moreover, I want to help provide a medium, with a variant social demographic that will voice my community’s struggles and its successes.

In order for me to achieve this career path I must learn how to communicate perfectly. I also must learn to have zero fear when it comes to participating within my community.

When I first started this class, intermediate journalism, I intellectually understood that it would be difficult and that I would most likely become a better writer when the class finished.

What I didn’t understand until the semester ended was that this class was designed to change my life in a positive way.

I also learned that my professor wasn’t interested in designing a class that was mundane and a place to find an easy “A.” Rather, this class broke down all my weaknesses, showed them to me and challenged me to correct my fears and discomforts.

For the first time in my students career I really had to have a discussion with myself and decide if having a career in journalism was a goal that I wanted to achieve.

With the tools that this class has provided me I am more confident than ever that this world could potentially have a place for me as a journalist.

I have a long road to travel in order to reach my goals, but I am forever grateful for the opportunity that the U has provided for me.

I am also humble and thankful to the U for its constant encouragement that I receive on a day-to-day basis.


I am a 32-year-old man who returned to the University of Utah not just to finish my degree(s) but to learn how to communicate.

I currently work with The PAC-12 Network and K-UTE Radio (University of Utah’s student radio station).

My interest for now is learning the technical aspects of television and radio broadcasting.

In January 2013, I will start an internship with ABC 4 News in Salt Lake City, Utah.

I hope to one day work and participate in a first-class radio show.

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