Alexa Wells



Taken at Alexa Wells home January 1, 2013. Photo by Jill Wells.


Over the course of my Spring 2013 Intermediate reporting class, I learned a lot about the African American community. I found it interesting to learn about all of the different organizations that help spread diversity in Utah. With Utah being 1.3 percent African American, I think it is important to have these organizations to give resources for those individuals. This beat reporting has helped my professional development by making me more aware of my style of writing. I have learned how to be more accurate and why it is important to include links in my stories to back up the facts. I have also learned how much a photo can help your story by making it more interesting by having a visual with the words. During this class I have learned why it is so important to remain objective in my writing. It is easy to come off as biased, so I have learned how to word my stories so that I am not including my own opinion. It was difficult to remain objective at first, especially when I am writing about a nonprofit organization, because I find myself wanting to tell my readers how great it is. Instead, I have learned to show my audience how great the organization is by explaining the different things that they are doing to make it great instead of just telling  them. In the end, showing compared to telling my audience how they should feel about my beat makes for a much stronger piece.


My name is Alexa Wells and I am 20 years old. I was born and raised in Salt Lake City. I am a junior at the University of Utah and I am studying mass communication with an emphasis in journalism. For the past three years I have worked at Wells Fargo bank as a teller. My goal is to graduate and get a job working for a local news station and work in broadcast journalism. In my spare time I like to snowboard, hike and read books. Spring semester of 2013 I have been a student journalist for Voices of Utah for my intermediate reporting class. I hope to get an internship for a news station next fall and continue to improve my writing skills.

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