Alysha Nemeschy


Photo of Alysha Nemeschy taken April 2013.



As a student journalist writing for Voices of Utah, I have had the opportunity to learn more about myself and my community in one short semester than I have throughout my entire college career.

Reporting on the African American beat in Utah brought me to the realization that minorities are very underreported in the media and it us up to the next generation of journalists to bring this underreporting to an end.

Learning that Utah is made up of a 1 percent African American community got me thinking about the other minorities in the state that account for only a small population and in turn often go unnoticed.

As a feminist I have spent many years striving toward bringing equality toward genders – yet this still leaves me as a journalist, focusing on a very small minority group.

Writing on the African American beat has showed me that people throughout the world are being underreported. It is not just women or African Americans who do not get covered, but it is an entire population being suppressed in the media due to the lack of coverage that we receive.

Social-justice issues are scattered throughout the world, and as a journalist it is important to shed light on these issues and bring social awareness to audiences.

After reporting for Voices of Utah, I would like to continue to focus on bringing political and social awareness about civil issues to audiences as I continue on my journey as a writer.


I graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelor of Science degree in International Relations in May 2013. In August 2013, I will be completing two additional Bachelor of Science degrees: Political Science, and Mass Communication with an emphasis in Journalism.

In spring 2013 I was a student journalist for Voices of Utah. Additionally I completed an internship as an opinion columnist for The Daily Utah Chronicle.

My love for interacting with people landed me a job with Delta Airlines when I was 18. Working for this company led me on my global journey to understanding the world through travel.

My passion for education and traveling has brought me on an exciting journey with a broad sense of knowledge in many different areas. I believe that global education and understanding is one of the most vital necessities to bringing peace to this world.

Upon completing school I would like to continue writing as a freelance journalist while traveling the world and spreading awareness about human rights.

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