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This semester I gained different experiences focusing on the African-American community in Salt Lake City. One of the experiences that I had was being able to meet a great leader of the African-American community who helps small business owners to find the right sources so they can succeed in the future. His name is James Jackson III. He showed me that working hard and getting the right education you could succeed in life and try to help your community as much as you can.

My second experience gained was trying authentic Ethiopian food for the first time. I stepped in Mahider Ethiopian Restaurant looking to try something unique from Africa, and I found more than just food. I was able to learn one of the main Ethiopian ceremonies, which the main element is coffee and the meanings for the community.

My last and most wonderful experience was getting to know Susan Clissold. She is the owner of a small shop in Salt Lake City that focuses on selling handmade items from African artists and teaching the community about her culture with art. She taught me that having passion for something can help people in other parts of the world and have the satisfaction of doing good for someone.

Reporting increased my understanding in the community. Looking around, finding new places and people led me to find new stories and experiences that I will always have present in my life.


Since I can remember I always had an interest in reading and writing. I enjoy reading novels, being outdoors during the summer and trying new dishes.

Currently I am attending the University of Utah, where I am working on completing my degree in communication with a focus on public relations. After graduating from Kearns High School in 2009, I continued my education at Salt Lake Community College. I completed five semesters and earned an associate of science degree in 2013. During my time at SLCC I gained experience with different communication classes that I took, which helped me decide on my current major. While attending college, I was exposed to different situations that taught me how to develop my education.

I want to focus on helping the Hispanic community. Since I have Hispanic heritage, I have the ability to help minorities and make the community stronger through communication.

I hope one day to become a noted reporter or broadcaster and help the community to be well informed.

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