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My most revealing experience of my beat was in an interview with Stanley Ellington for my Black Veterans in Utah story. In our interview, we were discussing inter-racial relations within the military. I brought up the topic of a veteran support group for minorities and asked why he felt it was important. He compared language barriers to culture barriers, and how important it is to be fluent in someone’s culture to truly be able to communicate and understand each other. This, Ellington reasoned, is why minority support groups are important.

Something else I learned about myself this year is I’m not a great multi-tasker or procrastinator. I feel this is something every student at one point in their life is forced to learn the hard way. With a part-time job, school, work and an internship, I feel I spread myself too thin – and unfortunately I feel my school work took the brunt of my shortcomings. However, there are some very valuable lessons I learned this semester.

First and foremost, I enjoy print writing more than I thought I did, and enjoy television journalism a lot less than I thought I would. This has really helped me define my career path. Though both careers are somewhat time consuming, through taking my T.V. journalism class, I’ve learned that I am not someone who can have their career be so time consuming. Although I greatly admire my T.V journalism professor and his work ethic, I know this is outside of my range of possibilities. I find reporting just as fulfilling, yet somehow less frustrating.


I am a junior at the University of Utah majoring in broadcast journalism. While attending the U, I have had opportunities to participate in Newsbreak, a student TV news network on campus, as well as intern for the x96 radio station. I am a writer for The Cultural Hall, a blog about LDS culture and issues.

I’m also a volunteer for the VA Salt Lake City Health Care System. I have been involved with the A Million Thanks Organization, which gathers letters of thanks from citizens to deliver to veterans currently serving, in hospitals, or retired.

In the future, I hope to become more involved with the Honor Flight Network, an organization that provides a free trip to WWII veterans who have yet to see their monument in Washington, D.C. Though I do not come from a military family, I am very passionate about veterans and their service.

I was on the first flight out of the United States after 9/11. Though this was a scary time for America, I felt the country pull together during a time of tragedy. This planted the seed of patriotism in me forever, and I will never forget the images of those brave men and women rescuing those who were trapped under the rubble of the Twin Towers.

In my spare time, I love to sing, play my violin, read, take long walks, visit with my grandma, and dote on my dog.


My grandmother and I after Miss South Jordan 2010

I have three sisters and one brother, who is serving an LDS mission in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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