Natalie Christensen



Writing for this class wasn’t easy, but I did learn a lot, not only about news writing and how to more accurately reflect my voice and write better, but also about the people with disabilities and their struggles in our community.

Having been born and raised here in Utah you get used to seeing the same things every day, being around the same people and having a good clean atmosphere. I have grown up around people with disabilities my whole life and knew of their struggles, but never had a connection with them and what they go through every day. Now that I have done stories and have gotten to know the disabled community better I see them differently, but in a good way.

When I interviewed Kirsten it hit home more for me.

I grew up with Kirsten but I never really understood her feelings and story, and being able to share that with others was very rewarding.

Writing about her life that I had some part of hit me.
I could have been more understanding and have been a better friend and could have positive part of her life if I didn’t just stand on the sidelines. I’m thankful that I was able to talk with her and better connect.

Because of this experience when I do see someone with disabilities I try to recognize if they need help, or if they even need a friend.

I learned that every one has a story, and everyone is affected with some sort of disability even if it isn’t physical. Having talked to Jeni Sewell Roper who said, “all of us have ‘stuff’ mine is just easier to see,” put my view on people in a whole new way.

We all have some sort of “disability” whether it be insecurities or attitude, but we shouldn’t let that stop us from reaching our full potential, and seeing examples of that with people with disabilities has really motivated me to not let my “disabilities” get in the way.


I am currently attending the University of Utah as a communication student in the track of journalism. My goal is to become a sideline reporter for the NBA or NHL. I enjoy writing and talking to people, getting to know their life and what their goals are.

I was born and raised in Salt Lake City, UT surrounded by friends and family. I got into sports at an early age playing soccer and tennis. Then I also took a few years of figure skating and still enjoy hitting the ice. In later years I found my love for basketball and became part of my high school team.

Besides sports I love the arts. Having been involved in my high school theater department and music department I was able to land the lead twice in my high school musicals. My freshman, Sophomore and junior year I made it to state theater competition, and I was chosen to represent Highland High as Sterling Scholar in Speech and Drama. Musically I am naturally gifted and sing very well, even without having had voice lessons. I have played the piano since the age of four and I taught myself the guitar. I plan to minor at the University of Utah in either music or theater so I can continue to build on that talent.

My writing developed at a young age, I was able to read by the time I turned four. Writing came easy to me, especially fictional stories that I still love to write on my free time. My love for news came when I was in junior high during the Bush VS Kerry elections, when I realized what the news can do and how it affects people. I always hope to do the right thing and stand up for what I believe is morally right. I believe in sticking to your roots and never letting truth be shoved aside. My loyalty to friends and co-workers is looked upon and I’m able to maintain that loyalty by attending work on time, and putting friends and family first when they need me.

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