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One class required for the Strategic Communication degree is COMM 1610, Introduction to News Writing. This class has been very educational. I never knew the amount of work that went into news articles until I had to begin writing my own articles. So mad props to journalists– it’s a hard job!

One of my favorite articles that I have written has been the police ride-along. For this article, we had to go on a police ride-along and write an article about the experience. From the get-go, I learned that it is hard to contact the people who you need to talk to. I contacted three different police stations, and two of them did not offer a police ride-along unless you were going to become an officer. The third station I contacted was the Sandy Police Department, and I scheduled the ride-along with them. They were great to work with. Journalists really have to put themselves out there if they want to get good information for their articles.

During the ride-along, I asked a bunch of questions that could possibly form multiple stories, such as a profile on the police officer, or a story generated from the situations we encountered on the ride-along. I chose to incorporate the two together. I wrote about the officer and about some situations we encountered. I chose these two topics to write about because the story about the officer was interesting and the stories he told me about the Sandy Police Department were fascinating. We didn’t encounter very exciting things on the ride-along, so I had to make do with the situations that we did run into. I tried my best to tie them into the story and make the story flow from one topic to the next smoothly.

I learned that it is really hard to not incorporate your own opinion into the story. That was my biggest obstacle in writing this story.


Hey there! My name is Gabriella Gonzalez, but most people call me Gabby, Gabs, or Gabster. I am an outgoing individual who loves my husband, Anthony, traveling, being with family, and food! You can catch me on the weekends trying out new food places, or at the SoHo food truck park in Holladay, Utah.

My travels have included: Mexico, Italy, Thailand, Japan, and in November 2015, I will travel to Chile to visit my husband’s family. The reason I love traveling is because I believe in being diverse and educated about different cultures. I have learned who I am from my travels. I have learned about who others are. I love trying new foods while in different countries.

The most important thing that I have learned from traveling is learning about other cultures. When you have learned about others and their origins and why they are the way they are, you become more sensitive and understanding towards them!

I am currently a student at the University of Utah. I am studying Strategic Communication, and I am on track to graduate in the spring of 2016. GO UTES!

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