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The way I like to collect my stories is from the people I meet. I find myself people-watching and wondering what another person’s life is like. I can get myself more involved in a story if I have some sort of personal connection to it.

I got into aerial fitness when a coworker was talking to my friend and me about it. At first, I was skeptical. I thought the same thing that most people think, the only person that would use this skill is a stripper. It took me a long time to try it for myself, but when I did, I realized that it is, in its simplest form, a fun fitness routine.

This is why I chose it as a topic for one of my stories. Finding sources was easy – the best people to source for this story were the girls I go to the studio with. Every single person I have talked to has received some sort of judgment from a family member about this type of fitness. Heck, I even get it myself.

My focus for this story was to write about the positive, to explain why they dress the way they do, and why it’s OK. All of the information I gathered is based on how people feel about the topic. How strongly they feel, how accomplished they feel, and how their family members feel about this hobby. You can find facts almost anywhere on the Internet, but I want to know how people feel about a topic.

The most interesting and easiest way to write about something is if you have an interest in it. And for me, my interest is in people and their daily lives. I want to know why someone loves their workout routine. I want to know why this student drives instead of taking public transportation. I want to know what motivates people to do the things they do every day. That is my type of journalism.

ABOUT ME:unnamed

My name is Hailey Fernelius, and I am currently a student at the
University of Utah. I am the typical student who goes to school, works to support myself, and has a hobby. In my spare time, I participate in aerial fitness. This includes silks, hammock hoop and pole dancing. I love it because I can now say that I have some sort of beautiful skill that also keeps my body in shape. Being a student, employee and aerialist keeps my life exciting.

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