Alexis Smith


Officer Sean Bennett, Salt Lake Police Department

Local greek community hopeful for the future of the national community.

Eliza Larsen: The Dean’s List and All-American athlete.


When we were assigned our profile paper on Emily Andrews, it was a rough start. I sat down to begin writing but all I could do was stare blankly at my notes I had taken. I could not figure out where to start or what I wanted to talk about. I also began to question whether my notes were even good enough to write a decent story!

With so many different topics written down — rumored abortion techniques, the recent video scandal of Planned Parenthood, Andrews’ personal life and journey — I wanted to narrow it down to one broad topic. After some time, I finally passed my insecurities about my notes and discovered what I wanted to write about. My biggest dilemma was most definitely figuring out where to begin. I decided I was going to write about Andrews’ personal life and journey to where she was that day. After all, it was a profile-type story we were writing!

Through my outline process, I began to pull topics that were a part of her personal life and journey. I then categorized them by what they corresponded to (i.e. childhood, high school, extracurricular activities, college experience, Planned Parenthood experience, interning, etc.). This outlining process really got my thoughts engaged and it was very easy to write from there.


My name is Lexi Smith. I am currently a second year student at the University of Utah studying Communication, with minors in Arts Technology and International Studies.

When I’m not doing schoolwork or sleeping, I love to read, write and hang out with friends. My parents call me a busybody because I’m so busy. I’m rarely ever home. Yet, ironically, I am a huge introvert and homebody.

My aspirations for the future are to work for a large online- or print-based social media and news company (Cosmopolitan, BuzzFeed, etc.).

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