Eliza Larsen: The Dean’s List and All-Academic athlete.

Eliza Larsen is a 19-year-old transfer to the University of Utah. She transferred from Barton Community College in Great Bend, Kansas. Eliza grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah and has played soccer her entire life. She graduated from Olympus High School in 2014 and accepted an athletic scholarship at Barton.

Eliza played for Barton from the fall of 2014 to the spring of 2015. On what it was like to be a student-athlete she said, “It was hard but fun. Practicing every day paid off in the long run. I learned self-discipline and who I was.” According to the Barton Community College website, Eliza was on the Dean’s List fall and spring semester, and was on the all-academic team fall semester.

“My GPA was a 3.5 fall and spring semester,” Eliza said commenting on her award.

Living out of state was very hard for her. “Not being able to go home on long weekends because it would either cost me $300 to fly home or a 16 hour car ride was very hard.”

Eliza’s mom, Angie, and younger brother, Cross, also had a difficult time with her being away. Angie said, “We missed her terribly, and worried about her. Not being able to see her face everyday hurt my heart.” But she commented on the positives about Eliza being gone, “We were only able to return to Kansas once to watch her play. Fortunately she had two home games that weekend. It was definitely a proud parent moment to see her on the field as a college athlete.”

Her brother Cross had the hardest time with Eliza leaving out of her three brothers. He said, “I felt sad when Eliza was in Kansas. I just missed everything about her and I was so happy when she would come home to visit.”

But, Eliza looked on the bright side of her situation. “Having no social life was a positive. If I weren’t so busy that year I wouldn’t be where I am today.,” she said. “I think my GPA wouldn’t be where it is if I wasn’t so focused on maintaining a certain GPA.”

On the soccer field Eliza wore the number 5 jersey. She played as center position. Her overall stats on the Barton Sports website are impeccable:

  • She started 15/19 games
  • She scored one goal
  • She took 23 shots on goal

She said in one of her games she received a yellow card and in another game one her teammates got into a fistfight with a girl from the opposing team.

Eliza is now at home in Utah attending the University of Utah, playing intramural soccer and pursuing a degree in Exercise and Sports Science.

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