Dario Jokic




The reason why I choose to write about prisons an education is because, one day I had a bunch of homework and I was driving by the Utah State Correctional facility and I was wondering if college student end up in prison a lot. Then that changed to a story about educations in prisons, after Sheena explained how difficult it could be to find someone who is imprison looking for a college education. Sheena also explained to me what recidivism was. As I was writing the piece I started learning more about recidivism and how expensive prisons can be, so I changed my piece to write about how we view prisoner and how education is changing the ideas of prison.


My name is Dario, I’m  an immigrant from Sarajevo, Bosnia. I have been living in the US for 15 years. I love Hip Hop, Funk, and Movies. I also enjoy break-dancing. When I grow up I want to be a Film Maker or Journalist :). When I was little I wanted to be a Basketball player/rapper/lawyer. I love animals, especially dogs. I used to do Parkour, but then I got electrocuted, lesson learned. My favorite movies are typically crime related or comedies. My favorite dessert is Tiramisu, cause it’s alcohol and coffee mixed together with cookies. I think Samurais would win in a fight against Spartans. I think Disney is overrated and I prefer the Looney Tunes; I’m serious I would drop kick Mickey Mouse for Bug Bunny._DSC8137. This is picture of me being exhausted in London

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