How My enterprise story came about

My original idea for my enterprise story was to do a feature on the University of Utah Basketball Scout team but the  teams travel for end of season tournaments and my own travels I never found time to sit down with those players. Instead I had to find a new idea. I decided to do a story on my uncle who at the time was down in Peru in a hospital recovering from the H1N1 virus. I felt like the story was worth writing about and gave me the opportunity to step away from it and view the event from another perspective. Finding sources for my story was easy. I wanted to talk to family members specifically his parents and siblings who just happen to be my Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and my Dad. I found that the most challenging part of this story was not finding the information I could use but writing the story in a way that my feelings on the matter did not show through. I found it hard not to throw in my reactions and feelings to the events that took place. Overall though I feel like I did a pretty good job of stepping back and writing a story from an outsiders perspective.Another challenge was including what information to use in the story. The whole thing happened over the course of a couple weeks and there were a lot of things happening at once. I wanted my audience to see the kind of person Bryce is as well as how powerful a small group of people can be when they reach out to a larger audience. I still think I had some trouble narrowing my focus and really getting out what I wanted to but that is something I can improve upon in the next draft. I was surprised once I started writing how easily I just kept going. I was sure I would have a tougher time getting the words out but they seemed to flow easily and next thing I knew I had over 1000 words and I was trying to find a way to wrap the story up before I wrote another thousand. Overall I feel like this story helped me improve as a writer because it forced me to keep my bias out of the story and helped me learn how to organize my writing in better ways.

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