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I had a lot of expectations going into this class that were shattered pretty quickly.

Included in those was my expectation of the beat when we first started researching for story topics. I’ve always been generally interested in large political topics including immigration and refugee issues.

Me6-smallHowever, I didn’t think I’d be interested enough or find enough information to make multiple stories and I was sorely mistaken. I’ve found myself very enthralled with the worldwide refugee situation and locally in Utah too. Integration for these people is a crucial issue that we haven’t found a solid system for yet and I think more stories about this topic can help move it forward.

I also realized that while I value studying journalism and having knowledge about all that it entails, I have no desire to be a journalist. This class has pushed me to the edge of my sanity on multiple occasions and while I love researching and trying to make a difference, I have learned in this class that the news system and “tightly deadlined” nature of conventional news writing is not for me. At least not the conventional kind. I hope to someday write stories and pitch documentary ideas to utilize my passion and skill in film and combine that with my learned skills and degree in journalism.

As a result of my reporting this semester, I have not only knocked a major career path off my list of possibilities, but I have also gained a greater love for telling stories visually. The class has helped me grasp those skills in a new way by forcing me to spend more time writing and learning how to use words to create a visual idea. These new skills will make me a better visual storyteller.


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