Janice Arcalas



Honestly, I did not know what to expect when I heard our beat was the Pacific Islander community in Salt Lake City. I was worried at first because I had no idea where to start to look for sources. I had no knowledge about the community in general. As the semester went along, I realized that there are so many sources I could go to about our beat. I learned that Pacific Islanders are not only willing to help their community, but to help everyone they can around them.

Interviewing every one of my sources has been an eye-opening and enlightening experience. I learned a lot about Pacific Islanders in the community, and I realized that their community involvement reflects their family-oriented customs.

I was involved in different community services in high school. Once I entered college and started working, getting involved in the community was difficult for me. After interviewing Havier and Penina from the Talakoula radio show, it reminded me how important it is to help your community. The two are extremely involved in their community, and it was really heartening to speak with them about how Pacific Islanders are involved with their community. It made me want to start getting involved with the community again.

As a result of my reporting this semester, I learned so much about the Pacific Islander community. I knew nothing about this beat at the beginning of the semester. I am glad that I got to do this beat because it was really amazing to see all the different ways  Pacific Islanders are greatly involved with helping others.



Janice Arcalas is a senior at the University of Utah and expecting to graduate the fall of 2018. She is currently majoring in communication with an emphasis in journalism and minoring in Korean. Janice desires to work in broadcasting in South Korea one day.

Entering college, Janice thought she wanted to pursue a film major. After taking a few film classes, though, she realized that film wasn’t a match for her. She remembered how she enjoyed an in-studio video production communication class and has dedicated her education toward a communication major since then.

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