Nina Yu



Prior to taking Voices of Utah, I had little idea what I would be getting myself into. To my pleasant surprise, the class pushed me to explore communities and write stories that were outside of my comfort zone.

IMG_2177Everyone thought I was crazy when I chose journalism as a career to pursue. I’m an introvert who would rather be alone than being at a party talking to people. Before journalism, I had dropped my pre-med status against the wishes of my parents. I had already written for a few school-related publications and taken creative writing classes, so writing wasn’t new to me. When I wedged myself into my new major, it became an eye-opening experience. The stories I had to cover meant stepping outside of my safe bubble and interviewing all kinds of people to learn more about their lives and culture.

When I first found out we were going to be covering the west-side neighborhoods this semester, I was quite indifferent to the beat. But as we started to come up with ideas for the first story, I found an interest in the cultures and local organizations in the neighborhoods. My interests only grew from there. It was enjoyable looking through the different things I could cover and hearing pitches from my classmates.

When I begin a story, I try to remove all bias that is initially planted. Sometimes it’s hard trying to gain a new perspective when there’s already one so deeply rooted. The story I wrote about the Youth Resource Center made me see the teens experiencing homelessness in a new light. I learned so much from the interview and being able to see the activity inside the center. It was amazing.

That story also made me realize how much of an outsider I was. Compared to the youths who have to use the resources at the center, I grew up in a completely different environment. This made me understand that with some stories, I will never be able to experience what the other party has been through. I can only get the “outsider” view and try to grasp the situation.

I have enjoyed my time with Voices of Utah, even if it was cut short because of COVID-19. This course made me realize the progress I have made and the long way I still have to go. I am so excited to keep discovering and sharing stories that need to be seen. The path to becoming a professional journalist is scary but I’ll only pause for a cup of tea before sharing my truth.


I am a journalism major graduating in the fall of 2020. Writing has always been a passion and I will continue to tell stories throughout my career. I have written for The Globe, The Daily Utah Chronicle, and Her Campus Utah.

Writing for Voices of Utah has been an enriching experience and one I will remember for a long time. Asian American issues have always been a topic of interest and I will strive to be a professional voice for the Asian American community after graduation. When I’m not writing, I enjoy cooking, dancing, petting my dog, and traveling.

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